The Principles Of Radhasoami Faith


  The principles of Radhasoami Faith are basically a true methodology of realizing the Supreme Truth - God, which is present in all individuals as Soul - this is the essence of God in man. In order to realize God in life the force of spirit has to be awakened by adopting the prescribed teaching of the Master of the Time. He is the only person in human form, "who", has realized the Truth - God.

  The practical aspect of awakening the Spirit within through the aid of the Master is essentially the repetition of the Holy Name Radhasoami and contemplation of the Form of the Master of the Time and internally listening to the Holy Sound Radhasoami which is there in the Master of the Time. In order that a continuity should be maintained for the redemption of the Soul, Huzur Soamiji Maharaj - the Master of the Time ordained the recruitment of His NIJ DHAR in new Form on this planet who becomes the Sant Satguru of the Time after the departure of the Master. According to Radhasoami Faith the practice of Sumiran and Dhyan in the absence of True Master is not possible and the Supreme Master is essential. The advent of Huzur Soamiji Maharaj on this planet has brought in a continuation of NIJDHAR in human form of the Sant Satgurus after the departure of the previous Master.

  The uniqueness of Radhasoami Faith lies in transference of NIJ DHAR that is the Name and Sound Current to the successive Master of the Time by the previous Master before the departure. Because of this unique internal transference of the Supreme Current the present Master is equipped with the entire Spiritual qualities and characters of His Master. He acquires the power to liberate the souls from the bondage of mind and matter in the lifetime of the true seeker. His discourses and compositions are remarkably in consonance with the features of previous Master's discourses and compositions. This is the remarkable feature of the Radhasoami Faith. Radhasoami Faith emphasizes that man should aim to develop his faculties of mind, body and spirit under the Guidance of the True Master only. By following His teachings, the life is enriched and the aim of the salvation of the soul is achieved in totality in lifetime.



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