Prem Prabhakar

  Prem Prabhakar is a monthly publication in Hindi, published by the Radhasoami Satsang (Regd), Adhyatmik Nagar, Dayalpuri (Khatauli), edited by Shri.Chandrika Prasad Mandal, M.A.

  Prem Prabhakar contains, in the words of the editors,discourses delivered by Huzur Dayal Sahab. We have attempted to translate these into English and place them on the website, beginning with the september 2004 issue. We hope to continue this effort and bring the English translation of Prem Prabhakar to the readers every month.

  Some of the earlier issues also carried discourses delivered in English by Huzur Dayal Sahab. We are also adding these progressively to the website.

  The translations as well as the reproductions are in our own words and reflect, within our limitations,our own understanding of the discourses.

  Click on Archives to access earlier issues and on Current to access issues from September 2004 onwards.


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