1881 - 1937.


THE FIFTH Sant Satguru in the lineage was Param Guru SAHABJI MAHARAJ (Sir Anand Swaroop Kt.). He established the satsang Headquarters at AGRA, UP, INDIA, known as 'DAYAL BAGH'. Throughout His life, He gave discourses elucidating the various practical facets of Radhasoami Faith which helps the Seekers in understanding the Truth of the Faith.

 There are several books written in Hindi, Urdu and English by Huzur SAHABJI MAHARAJ. A composition of beautiful and inspiring Hymns named 'PREM BILAS' was brought out during His life time. He was born on 6th August, 1881 in a middle class Ahluwalia family of Ambala, Haryana, INDIA. A magazine named 'PREM PRACHARAK' was also published from Dayal Bagh. It contained the day-to-day discourses of Param Guru SAHABJI MAHARAJ and other activities of Satsang. He left for His Heavenly Abode on 24th June, 1937.



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