1829 - 1898


THE SECOND REVERED MASTER OF THE TIME was H.H.HUZUR MAHARAJ (RAI BAHADUR SALIGRAM SAHEB). He was born on the 14th of March 1829 in a respectable Kayastha family who lived in Mohalla Pipal Mandi AGRA (U.P.) INDIA. During His Regime as Sant Satguru, He gave discourses on Spiritual matters and used to answer to all queries raised by seekers. Excerpts from His discourses have been compiled as `PREM PATRA' in six volumes. His hymns were published in four volumes of 'PREM BANI'. Besides these, He wrote many books in prose throwing light on the intricacies of Radhasoami Faith both in English and Hindi. He departed for the Param Dham (Heaven) on 6th December, 1898 AD.



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