Founder Of The Radhasoami Faith


1818 - 1878

H.H.SOAMIJI MAHARAJ : His parental Name was Respected Shri SHIV DAYAL SINGH SAHIB. He was born on the night of Monday, the 24th August, 1818 A.D. in a respectable Khatri family in Mohalla Panni Gali, in the city of AGRA, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. During His regime as Sant Satguru his followers addressed him as Huzur H.H.SOAMIJI MAHARAJ. He Founded the Radhasoami Faith on the Basant Panchmi Day (Spring Festival Day) in the year 1861 A.D. on the solemn request of His Star disciple Huzur Maharaj (SHRI SALIGRAM SAHIB) for the redemption of the entire mankind from the bondage of mind and matter.

  Huzur SOAMIJI MAHARAJ throughout His life gave discourses on the intricacies of Truth realization. He also composed Spiritual Hymns, which are compiled as `SAR BACHAN poetry'. Some excerpts from His Holy discourses have been compiled as `SAR BACHAN PROSE'. He left His mortal coil on 8th June 1878 A.D.


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